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Our mission is to empower young people through meaningful service learning opportunities in education, healthcare, and technology. We do this through strategic partnerships and learning models to utilize existing youth habits and uphold societal values in the communities we work.

To date, through other services provided, we’ve given over 580 scholarships in Africa; partnered with 14 schools in Africa; worked with approximately 90 volunteers and interns; provided school supplies for over 3000 children; sent 4000 text books to Africa; hired several interns in the USA who received course credits towards graduations; and collaborated with student organizations at 10 universities across the USA. Simply put, if you represent a student organization, a business, or a religious organization, we are the partner you’ve been looking for, If you’re an individual with leadership skills, we invite you to join our team of amazing volunteers, donors, and advocates.


In many African countries, students pay for their own tuition from elementary school through high school. Can you imagine that? That's why YesLiberia partnered with the YMCA of Liberia to provide tuition assistance to students with the direst needs. Through this partnership, we support students in five communities across Liberia: Paynesville in Montserrado County, Unification Town and Kakata in Margibi County, Ganta in Nimba County, and Zorzor in Lofa County. This is possible because you care. You can support our efforts by sponsoring one or more students tuition below.


Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a homeschooler or a Sunday school teacher, you will enjoy utilizing YesLiberia’s Pen-Pal Program. Our Pen-pal program offered the opportunities for children to share ideas; teach each other about cross-cultural practices, the planet, travel, food, music, celebrations, service, maps, art, and service. More importantly, those who signup for our free Pen-Pal program are not only expected to see an increase in students’ engagement levels, they will also experience more appreciative students. This is excellent way to expose your students to challenge other students faced around the world while increasing their passion for learning. Try something new and practical for your students. Signup today for more information. I am Interested


Education Crisis


  • Liberia is 1 out of 3 countries in the world where young people are less educated than their parents
  • In 2013, ALL 25,000 college applicants failed the entrance exam at University of Liberia
  • Students far behind as schools were closed for nearly an one year during the Ebola outbreak

Spending Allocations


  • 5% towards our Fundraising Expense, generally covered by product sales or board contributions
  • 10% towards Operating Expense covered by our board
  • The remaining 85% (100% of your donations) is spent directly on the people we serve

Lack of Basic Necessities


  • Only 4% of homes have electricity
  • No water supply or sewer systems
  • Internet service costs on average $80/month
  • Ambulance and fire services lack across the country

Lack of Empowerment


  • First 12 presidents were American citizens
  • None of which focused on Education
  • None of which built a university
  • The country has no public library system

Some of our Accomplishments


A Service-Learning Approach! Our model integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Through this model, young people not only learn the practical applications of their studies, they become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform. This model holds tremendous promise to help us fulfill our mission and vision, giving young people the means and motivation to be inspired to “be the change” they wish to see. Through Our Service-Learning Model we can:

Define Challenges

Work directly with the youth in Liberian communities to identify problems and challenges as they experience them, not from an outsider’s perspective.

Work Collaboratively

Offer the youth and community leaders in Liberia opportunities to work collaboratively to propose solutions to these problems that are sensitive to their unique needs.

Channel Communication

Create communication pathways between these Liberians and our volunteers in the USA to develop practical, sustainable solutions with long-term impacts.

Propose Solutions

Report on the problem, proposed solutions, and program activities with qualitative and quantitative data that are meaningful and measurable to you— our donors & partners.

Evaluate & Monitor

Evaluate and monitor our implemented strategies, and share best practices and/or results with other nonprofits around the world that are working in similar environments.


You can make a difference. Every gift – whether of time, talent, or income – helps us fulfill a mission you believe in and improve the lives of the people we serve.


We value balanced partnership. Our partnership program includes assessments to ensure mutual benefits for both parties. You should …Find out more


We’re looking for skilled hands-on leaders to help YesLiberia transform lives and promote empowerment within several communities. If you’re interested, see existing positions


Send us questions! We make every effort to answer your questions about service work abroad, educate you on the challenges of charity work in Africa, and teach you something about Liberia. …Watch Video


Imagine buying a gift for yourself, or someone, where 100% of the proceeds go to a child’s tuition. Imagine no more. Get a perfect “WEAR for THEM” gift.


Are you too busy to help? We understand. Our platform allows busy folks to support from the comfort of their homes. Setup your own support page right now.

Spending Allocations



Over 3,049 people believe in YesLiberia’s mission. We believe you do too.

Add your voice by joining us in a shared mission to make empowerment and lasting social change a reality for youth.

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We believe our vision for the young people is attainable – but we can’t do it alone. Our partnership program is comprehensive and flexibly designed to be specifically tailored to the needs and interests of our partners. With our newest program, SportsUp, there are multiple ways you can get involved in more traditional sponsorship. Your profile, logos and marketing material will span globally; and our team will work with your staff for tax deductions, press releases, and so much more.

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