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Conviction created YesLiberia.  Daily the needs of underprivileged are ignored.  We ignore their struggles because it’s easier to deal with the more important things in our lives— like climbing the corporate ladder and saving money so we don’t become indigent.  And some of us ignore their challenges because they bring back unpleasant memories we seek to repress.  But disregarding the plight of the underprivileged yields no resolution.  Then certain things happen to remind us their struggles exist no matter how hard we try to pretend our needs surpass theirs.

Jallah was convicted by several of those things over a short period of time.  The prostitution of children in Thailand reminded him of Liberia.  The rape and war in Congo reminded him of Liberia.  The genocide in Rwanda reminded him of Liberia.  He remembered his underprivileged past—a past where he was seen as less than elite based on his tribal and economic status and where his education came as a gift from the United Methodist Church.

Reminded, he became convicted to act and YesLiberia was founded to educate and help underprivileged Liberians whose plight he intimately understood.

Our Mission: To empower young people through meaningful service learning opportunities in education, healthcare, and technology.

Our Vision: A transformed Liberia where youths are educated, fully engaged and are responsible in their communities and society.


Accountability: We believe in open and transparent communication. We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions. Projects are initiated with measurable indicators and are reported upon with integrity.

Benevolence: We believe that “paying it forward” creates a culture of generosity that improves the quality of life in the communities in which we work – at home and abroad.

Collaboration: We believe that a collaborative approach that unites us with our community partners, donors, and students can make a meaningful impact on the future of Liberia.

Service: We believe that engaging in and encouraging youth at home and abroad in service-based education will provide generations a better future.

YesLiberia is a 501c3 charity organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service since July 2009. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. YesLiberia is also registered at four government agencies in Liberia.

Why YesLiberia

If you are looking for an organization to invest in that will assist you in making a strong global impact on youth, that shares your passion for social change, and allocates your donations directly as intended, then YesLiberia is the choice. As our President would say, “Our Actions Speak Against Inactions” because at YesLiberia, WE CARE!

  1. YesLiberia is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting and inspiring youth through the efforts of selfless and tenacious donors, volunteers, partners, and quality staffs. We create diverse opportunities and assistance that wouldn’t be available to both children and adults otherwise. Our strength lies in keeping our eyes on our mission, creating innovative and effective outreach programming, promoting transparency in the way we operate, and, most importantly, spending efficiently.
  2. We have thoughtfully structured YesLiberia to have both a physical and virtual presence. This enables us to have a greater outreach and impact for committed individuals and partners to step forward and become engage in projects and initiatives.
  3. We value the donations and services that benefactors provide. To make most of the donations given by you, a whopping 90% of donations is spent on our programs such as providing tuitions assistance to deserving students, providing health services, impacting communities with innovative learning ideas, or empowering kids to tell their own stories. The remaining 10% is spend on PayPal transaction fees/taxes, fees charged by Banks or Western Union for transporting funds to Liberia, and paying specific tasks such as filing annual taxes and transporting donating items to Liberia.
  4. We value your support and participation, and as a promise to OrgChart1you and the youth we serve, we will strive to:

Verify Us

Unfortunately, in today’s society we deal with corruption and fraud and this is especially prevalent among organizations deriving or in support of African causes. As an organization of integrity, we would like to encourage you to verify our existence and what we do through third parties verification entities and websites.

You can check the 501c3 status of any other nonprofit organizations at the Internal Revenue Service (www.irs.gov), the Foundation Center (www.foundationcenter.org), Guide Star (www.GuideStar.org), or Charity Navigator (www.charitynavigator.org). All you have to do is either type in the name and read content that has been verified or vetted by those organizations. If you should have any other questions, we are more than happy to answer them; just contact us!

Past & Present Partners


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