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YesLiberia was founded, and is operated, by individuals who can relate to the dire conditions in Liberia and other parts of the world. Our Board Members are appreciated for their dedication and passion for helping YesLiberia.

Mr. Saye Zonen, Program Officer

Saye Zonen is a prominent and passionate motivational speaker, author, engineer, entrepreneur, and teacher.
At the onset of the Liberian Civil War, Mr. Zonen moved with his foster family to the United States in 1992. He quickly found full-time employment and enrolled, full-time, in the College of Technology and Business at the East Tennessee State University. He later moved to Providence, Rhode Island to be closer to his son and subsequently enrolled at New England Institute of Technology, within the Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program.
Mr. Zonen has 12 years’ experience in the manufacturing environment: he has worked for Intel Corporation where he served for more than six years as an engineering technician. He also worked as a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Field Service Engineer with General Electric Healthcare.

After September 2011, Mr. Zonen was drawn to pursue his calling as a humanitarian in both the United States and Liberia. In his free time, he tutored children in his neighborhood and when he traveled to Liberia on vacation, he spent his time teaching the children in the community. In an effort to help others further their education, Mr. Zonen sponsored a young lady named Bennise Dahn, whom he met during one of his visits. Through his sponsorship, Ms. Dahn was able to earn an Undergraduate degree.

As a volunteer for YESLiberia, Mr. Zonen’s impressive approach and practical sense of responsibility were two factors that led to his invitation to join the board of YESLiberia in 2012. Mr. Zonen works on program development and evaluation, establishing partnerships and fundraising. As a board member of YESLiberia, Mr. Zonen said it’s his goal to “include fostering partnerships with individuals, institutions, and organizations of mutual interests to ensure that YESLiberia empowers people within Liberia and beyond.”

In 2013, he successfully managed YESLiberia’s activities in Liberia. His role included monitoring and evaluating programs, hosting focus groups across several communities, and implementing projects. Upon his return to the United States, his recommendations were key factors to the enhancements made to YESLiberia programs in 2014 and beyond.

Mr. Zonen obtained a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology in Providence RI. He owns an agricultural business in Liberia and currently lives in North Carolina with his family—where he also volunteers as a Math and Reading instructor at the High Point Jail Ministry in North Carolina.

Mr. Zach Roberts, On-boarding & Partnership Officer

Zachariah Roberts has significant experience in the area of human resources. Within just the past four years, he has worked in a diversity of industries, ranging from government and nonprofit, to a Fortune 500 company.

While working for the City of Minneapolis, Mr. Roberts was a key factor in the smooth implementation of new city-wide human resources processes. He managed both external and internal websites and communicated with thousands of city employees. As a staff member of a nonprofit organization, Zach designed and delivered training sessions on improved interview techniques to 42 members of the management team. Mr. Roberts was responsible for interviewing applicants for leadership positions in the organization. And during his time at the Hershey Company, Zach was in charge of improving diversity in recruitment for several departments at the company. He accomplished this by crafting partnerships with NABA, ALPFA, and numerous universities. He created and launched a Diversity and Inclusion website.

Mr. Roberts currently works as a Campus Recruiter for Barclays Investment Bank in New York. At YesLiberia, Zach helps with on-boarding related task and leads the all partnerships activities in the USA—from program partnership development to board, staff, and volunteers on-boarding and training. YesLiberia is proud to have Zach on its team.

Zach has a Masters of Arts in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. He is fluent in American Sign Language and is a member of several human resources management professional societies.

LauraMs.  Laura Conley, Awareness and Events Officer

In 2005, Laura spent many of her mornings sitting under a tree on the edge of a soccer field giving lessons to children who passed most of their time sifting through the garbage dump of Tegucigalpa, Honduras for things their family could sell. Their gratitude, joy, hope and eagerness to learn were beautiful to see and challenged her preconceived notions of the extremely poor. Once back in the United States, her heart ached to do more.

She returned to Honduras in 2007 and spent three years working as a high school guidance counselor and teacher of psychology. She introduced the teenagers at that school to the plight of the children from the soccer field and also to that of teenage boys whom she had mentored after they were rescued from life on the streets and provided with both a loving home and an education. All three organizations have benefited from the relationship–including the upperclassmen she assisted with their university aspirations. Almost every single one of the 2010 senior class have now graduated from a university either in Honduras, Mexico or the United States. She kept in touch with many of them and takes pride in her tiny contributions toward their accomplishments.

Upon returning to the U.S. in 2010, she worked in various roles with troubled children and teenagers in York, Pennsylvania. Although she felt somewhat fulfilled by the work she was doing in York, PA, her heart was for the children of the world at large and not just those in her immediate vicinity. So, when she came across an opportunity to pursue a Master’s in International Relations at the University of London, she jumped at the chance. In 2013, she completed that degree and returned home hoping to find a position with an international non-profit, but had no luck, until now.

As she puts it, “when YES Liberia approached me about joining the board, I was quite literally ecstatic! I look forward to working with the team enabling Liberian children to chase their dreams just as I have chased mine. Everyone deserves that opportunity and I’m thrilled to do my small part!” At YesLiberia, Laura helps with creating and coordinating fundraising events. She also helps develop and publishes monthly newsletters to our supporters. YESLiberia is glad to have Laura on its board and looks forward to even more accomplishments for YesLiberia with her efforts and passion.

Laura also works as an Assistant Facility Manager for several parking facilities in Harrisburg, PA—a position she has earned because of her excellence.

Mr. Heath Carelock, Marketing Officer

Heath currently works with Junior Achievement of Greater Washington as the Education Director at JA’s Finance Park® in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In his role, he manages the $3 million state-of-the art education center in Landover, MD, cultivating partnerships with school systems, the community and corporations, while implementing the expansion of a youth financial literacy curriculum covering content from credit, taxes and interest rates to budgeting and healthcare. He recently completed an internship with the Development & Board Relations team of Achieve Inc. conducting research into prospective funders, supporting Achieve’s efforts to engage and staff its Board of Directors.

He has also served as a graduate consultant for the Arkansas Community Foundation– responsible for assessing an affiliate’s grantmaking processes and identifying effective practices. Heath served as the Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood’s Summer Reading Program Coordinator where he initiated community-wide partnerships with local organizations and institutions. He later worked as a project consultant to the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute focusing on a state-wide initiative for knowledge economy jobs. His experiences also include project management, consulting, and classroom teaching in the USA and the Middle East.

At YesLiberia, Heath helps with non-traditional marketing and engagement efforts to potential sponsors and stakeholders. From seeking sponsorship to implementing targeted marketing/awareness efforts, from increasing donor-base network to reaching capacity building goals, Heath brings his unique skill-sets and experiences to the board. YesLiberia is proud to have Heath on its team.

Heath completed his undergraduate degree at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, majoring in political science. He holds a Master in Public Service from the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas. He is a native of the Washington, DC metro area.

Dr. Meg Ramey, Partnership/Collaboration Officer

Meg is a professor, writer, researcher and speaker. She’s currently an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Messiah College where she teaches courses on biblical studies, literature, language, popular culture, and cross-cultural engagement. She was a visiting professor at Zomba Theological College in Zomba, Malawi in 2013 where she taught New Testament Theology to students preparing for both pastoral ministry and professional careers as well as preached at chapel services. In the past, Meg has also served as a Youth Director at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in St. Andrews, Scotland, and as an Associate Director of Recruitment at George W. Truett Seminary, Baylor University.

Meg has traveled extensively across Europe and Latin America participating in foreign study programs and nonprofit services and has lived for extended periods of time in Venezuela, Scotland, and Malawi. She frequently leads both student and adult tours of biblical sites in Turkey. She brings a wealth of experience to the YesLiberia family and perfectly aligns to the tenet of the organization. As she said, “I am interested in improving the lives of others through education and by helping to make opportunities for development accessible for all”: a summary of the mission of YesLiberia.

Meg brings her tremendous experience and work ethics to YesLiberia. Her passion and skill for educating others will create immediate impact. At YesLiberia, Meg will help present and connect the organization to potential partners and collaborators. We are excited to have her on our team.

Meg received her undergraduate degree from Furman University where she obtained her bachelor’s in Spanish Language and Literature with a concentration in Latin American Studies. She continued to Baylor University to obtain a Masters in Divinity with concentration in counseling and then to University of St. Andrews where she received a Ph.D. in Divinity, New Testament.

Mr. Z. J. Jallah, Founder/Operations Officer

Mr. Jallah, the founder of YesLiberia, is a devoted Christian and an advocate of information technology in education and healthcare. His experience includes program development and management, IT consulting, missions trips planning, social entrepreneurship and coaching.

Mr. Jallah was born in Liberia and survived the horrific conditions of Liberia’s brutal civil wars. He considers himself fortunate to have fled the country with his siblings and experience opportunities abroad. Mr. Jallah is immensely passionate about the education of under-privileged, inner-city youth in the United States and youth empowerment across Africa.

Mr. Jallah’s beginnings are at the root of his passion and allow him to relate to the needs of those YESLiberia serves. He attended school in Liberia as well as the tough neighborhoods of Southwest Philadelphia and is intimately familiar with the challenges and sacrifices required to obtain an education. He said he feels a connection with children who come from a single or immigrant family household and understands the despair and obstacles faced by inner-city and immigrant youths.

Desiring more practical knowledge and hands-on experience, Mr. Jallah volunteered and worked for organizations such as: the United Way, The Upward Bound Program, The National Schools and Communities Works, the Rwanda Project, Save the Children of Sudan, etc…

He served as an IT Operations Manager for Agora Charter School, managed by the world’s largest cyber school company, K12, Inc. He also worked for Comcast Inc., a Fortune 100 company, as a Technical Analyst. He currently works for Leidos, Inc., as a Business Systems Analyst and serves on the Missions Committee at CEFC Church.

A graduate of Penn State University with a B.S. in Management Science and Information Systems, Mr. Jallah also has a M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Wilmington University. He holds certificates in International Business from the National University of Singapore and a Project Management Certificate from the University of Delaware.

Advisory Board

With their combined years of incredible experiences and passion for service, our advisory board helps us lift the heavy stones we cannot lift by yourselves. We are thankful to God for their services and support.

Mr. David Foster

David Foster served 26 years in the U.S. Army and is a renowned expert in military engineering and operations, technology, emergency management, humanitarian assistance, and crisis mapping.

As an Army Engineer, Mr. Foster served in Monrovia, Liberia as the United Nations Mission in Liberia’ (UNMIL) Plans Officer in 2011 and 2012. There, he spearheaded the creation of the Joint Elections Security Plan for Liberia’s 2011 General Elections. Mr. Foster believes in the Liberian people’s spirit and resiliency and is confident that education will be the foundation on which the country rebuilds.


Mr. Patrick Plummer

Patrick has been in the business-of-healthcare industry since day one of his career as hospital storeroom clerk. He has been CEO of three companies that successfully sold via strategic sale. Currently, Patrick serves as the CEO of Snaptuit, a company that focuses on small-to-medium sized business (SMB) big data and predictive analytics; automates demand/lead generation services by interacting with Google Analytics and other SaaS.

He is an expert in simplifying complex topics and effectively communicates them to stakeholders of all levels or disciplines to ensure clarity and goal alignment.

Long-term Volunteer Staff Members

As volunteers, the following individuals either laid the building blocks for YesLiberia’s foundation or have tremendously contributed to the sustainability and growth of YesLiberia along the way. They actively support and implement the organization’s strategic plans.

Prince S.
Brooklyn, NY

Prince is an IT Technician with an extensive experience troubleshooting computers and works for Cable News Network (CNN) as Broadcast Information Technology (BIT) Production Support Specialist. As a Production Support Specialist, his department is responsible for providing technical support for all the show groups in New York City.

Prince has been a volunteer staff of YesLiberia since it’s origin. He joined YesLiberia to bring hope to people in Liberia, and to assist in providing an education for those who cannot afford it. His financial support and networking contributions to YesLiberia are second to none. Prince has a B.Sc. in Management Information System from Le Moyne College.

PaigePaige M.
New Cumberland, PA

Paige is one of the most selfless people you will ever meet. She has tremendous nonprofit experience as an advisor, a fundraiser, and volunteer coordinator. At YesLiberia, she helps create fund development strategies for a major gifts program; works on cultivation and stewardship of donors; manages daily gifts and data entry using our donor management CRM; generates reports; develops acknowledgement letters and make “Thank You” phone calls to donors. She has a Bachelor degree from Franklin and Marshall and her Masters from George Mason. YesLiberia is blessed to have her.

Tricia Wagga Team Leader

Tricia W.
Edison, NJ

Tricia is from New Jersey and is a mother to three children. She graduated from Peirce College with a Bachelor’s degree in HR Management and has a Master’s degree in Justice and Legal Studies from Southern New Hampshire University. She volunteers with YesLiberia because she believes education and health care can help to turn the country around. One of her favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou which states that “when you learn, teach and when you get, give.” Tricia volunteers as the Team Leader at YesLiberia. She also manages YesLiberia’s Facebook page and works on social media strategies.

Kowo K.
Arlington, TX

Kowo was the woman in her family to go to college. Growing up in Liberia, she had not faced the financial and educational hardships experienced by most in the country but did encounter friends who had. She has been very privileged so she feels passionate and obligated to do her part in decreasing the high illiteracy rate in her beloved country. Kowo joined YesLiberia because she believes in everything that it stands for. The level of accountability and transparency are two of the core ideas that she values most. Kowo is a graduate of Colgate University with a bachelor’s degree; she also has a Masters of Social Work from Temple University.

AngeliqueBokameAngelique B.
Terre Haute, IN

Angelique Bokamba, was born in 1992 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2011 she moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she got her associates degree in Marketing and Sales. In the summer 2013, she transferred to Indiana State University where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Her dream is to one day impact women of her community and the world. At YesLiberia, Angelique helps with engagement efforts and fundraising activities. We are glad to have her

Crystal G.
Columbus, OH

Crystal has been a part of YesLiberia as a volunteer staff since her college days. When asked why YesLiberia, she responded, “I just want a chance to help underprivileged students. It wasn’t long ago when I was in a similar situation and needed a helping hand”. Crystal is passionate about education and therefore continues to assist YesLiberia whenever and wherever that she can. A graduate from the University of Delaware, Crystal enjoys traveling, and volunteering. She currently lives in Ohio with her Husband and two kids.

Cletus C.
Minneapolis, MN

Cletus is an Analytics Consultant at Wells Fargo Bank. He grew up on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia in a region where all and sundry envisioned the necessities of life as luxuries. His uncle, a staunch supporter of education, struggled to make sure he got the best education. It was his uncle’s push to see him succeed in life that led to many doors being opened for him. He is certain he would’ve never achieved an iota of the blessings he obtained over the past few years. The fact that his uncle felt compelled to do what he did also compels Cletus to do the same for those in need: the reason he became a supporter of YesLiberia. His consistent support has helped YesLiberia tremendously.

Lourena G.
Wilmington, DE

Lourena was born in Liberia, West Africa and migrated to the United States in 1992 at the age of 4. Lourena received all her years of schooling in the United States. A graduate of Temple University in Pennsylvania, where she earned her Masters of Social Work, Lourena decided to join YesLiberia in order to give back to her place of origin. “I feel complete when I have contributed to the educational advancement of students in Liberia,” she says.



John D.
Monrovia, Liberia

John worked for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, National Diagnostics Unit, in Congo Town, Liberia. He obtained his Masters in Public Health from Cuttington University in Liberia and is currently doing his PhD in Nigeria. Over the years, John served as the Program Director for YesLiberia in Liberia.





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