Growing Together PartnershipSomeone said, “A church in mission is a sign of God Presence in the world.” We too believe our mission and practical approaches to serve in places you cannot physically reach is still an evidence of your support and presence in Africa. Your goals and visions of serving people beyond borders will always be our CAUSE. We’ve been the unknown partner of yours, at least until now.

One of YesLiberia’s primary goals is to create a cultural bridge between Liberia and the United States. Building awareness about the present circumstances in Liberia, through education and outreach, can been creative, rewarding, and powerful– for everyone involved.

Partnership, therefore, is a very important component of the work YesLiberia is doing.  Our partners’ support is indispensable as we continue our work to address challenges in Liberia today, and enhance the well-being of her people.  Our partners stand side-by-side with YesLiberia. They are our teammates, and they are vital to the success of the people we serve.

We believe our vision for the young people is attainable – but we can’t do it alone.  If you have an interest in making a positive impact in someone’s life beyond borders, then we want YOU to be a part of our efforts. Partnership details can be specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the groups we work with. From educational movie nights, to fundraisers, to bible studies, to networking events, to art and research projects– the opportunities are truly endless. Please contact us to learn more – we are happy to answer any questions you might have about our vision, current projects, and a potential partnership. As our founder puts it, “our duty is completing God’s assignments and meeting his expectations, even if it takes for a lifetime.” We urge you to officially join us in this effort.

YesLiberia is proud to have worked with dedicated student organizations, campus ministries, universities, and other nonprofit organizations.  Here’s a list of some current and past partners:

We’re missing one thing… your effort..
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