Ideal Partnership

Ideal Partners

Currently, we’re only interested in partnerships in the USA and Liberia. From internships or independent studies to your corporate engagement sponsorship, from mission trips to Liberia to donating your resources, the opportunities are endless. To learn more, click one of the four categories below.


Here’s what some folks had to say
Mr. Dave Reynolds
National Society of Black Engineer

“I’ve worked with YESLiberia for few years. I believe in the work the organization does and its mission. I am happy to see YESLiberia’s work and growth; it gives me joy to work with someone or an organization and see it flourish”.

Ms. Erika Anderson
University of Pennsylvania

“I was the Teacher’s Assistant for a course called “The New African Diaspora: African Immigrant Lives in West Philadelphia” at Upenn. YESLiberia was one of many organizations which successfully supported our course objectives. Our partnership allow our students to apply what they were being taught in the class and their grade for class depended on their work with YESLiberia.”

Mark A. Thompson, PhD
National Educator Program

“We began a partnership with YesLiberia because of our interest in helping Liberia, and other African nations, improve their educational infrastructure; specifically, with regard to instructional practices and pathways to work and postsecondary education for graduates. Our partnership is still in its infancy, so we have yet to see any tangible results from it; however, it is our hope that the doorway is still open for our working together toward helping African schools continue to grow and innovate”.

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