Partnerships FAQs


  1. What have other student organizations done In the past?
  2. Do you provide course credits for students? If so, how can I get course credits for volunteering or interning with you?
  3. How long are your internship or volunteer opportunities?
  4. What are some past or present internship positions for students?
  5. I want to travel to Liberia and intern, will YesLiberia cover the cost?
  6. Who covers the cost of interning with YesLiberia In Liberia or In the USA?
  7. What will you provide for interns in Liberia?
  8. Will YesLiberia provide reference letters for interns or volunteers if needed?
  9. What are the estimated cost for traveling to Liberia and interning for two weeks, one month, or three months?


  1. Is YesLiberia a religious-based organization?
  2. Can a mission trip be scheduled or planned with YesLiberia as partners?
  3. Should we identify with or be affiliated with a religious organization in order to partner with YesLiberia?


  1. Our organization wishes to work with a community organization that is local. Why should we consider YesLiberia at this time?
  2. Should we trust YesLiberia? How do I know my funding will be applied to the people In need?
  3. What are some existing projects we can get involved in?
  4. How can I donate supplies to YesLiberia and account for it?
  5. Is there any group or organization that YESLiberia will not work with?
  6. What partnership or sponsorship packages are available for business partners?
  7. Can YesLiberia send a representative to our meeting to answer some possible partnership questions?
  8. What are some benefits we get from YesLiberia as a partners?
  9. Are there any contracts signed for establishing partnerships?
  10. What is the estimated timeline for establishing partnerships?
  11. What are the steps for establishing partnerships?
  12. Who should i contact with additional partnership questions?
  13. Can partners sign up for short-term or long-term partnerships?
  14. How is the partnership maintained and what role do both partners play in maintaining the relationship?
  15. What roles can partners play in the projects that are implemented for their students/interns or employees?
  16. Can a new opportunity be developed specifically for a partner whose interested in a long-term relationship?
  17. Can a partner have access or input on yesliberia quarterly newsletter?
  18. Can we request annual or quarterly reports on the impact of our partnership with YESLiberia?
  19. Why should we sponsor, or partner with, YesLiberia and not another organizations in Liberia?
  20. Does YesLiberia partner with political organizations?
  21. How will partnering with YesLiberia benefit me?
  22. We are not interested in partnership. What other opportunities are available for groups or organization like us?
  23. We were awarded a grant requiring us to partner with an organization like yours. Are you willing to follow specific requirements for partnership to ensure we meet our grant expectations?
  24. Is there any information you can send us to share with our team of decision-makers?

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