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SportsUp Some Supporters Take Action!

Why SportsUp?

Impacts lives on and off the fields | Evidence-based and Common-sense | Innovative and practical



Number of focus groups held in targeted communities


Estimated number of students excited about program in 2013


Estimated operating program budget for the first year


Number of folks chipping in skills and time for this program


Each week, individuals like you (and small organizations) are taking actions right here. If you value education and believe in evidence-based solutions for youth, this is great way to join the effort and achieve a rewarding goals together. Below are some ways to help right now. And you can also challenge others to do the same.

Supply Gear


  • Cost of sport gear per student
  • A total of only $7500 for 100 students
  • How many can you cover?

Contribute Now

Volunteer Stipend


  • Monthly stipend per volunteer
  • Eight volunteers needed
  • A total cost of $7,680 annually

Support Now


Here’s what some folks are doing for this SportsUp program


William Slotznick
Leader, PennGIC Team

William and his team at the University of Pennsylvania developed diagnostics testing to help us determine students’ grade levels across various communities.

Bilphena Yahwon
Performance Artist, MD

Bilphena signed up to raise funds for 10 tablets– a total cost of $1,800. You too can challenge yourself to support this innovative SportsUp program.

Prince Snetter
IT Support, CNN, NY

Pledged to raise funds for the program now through 2016. Prince has been a generous supporter of YesLiberia, with both time and finances, since 2009.

Shika Tamaklo
ASU President, Univ. of FL

The African Student Union at the University of Florida, under the leadership of Shika, has partnered with YesLiberia to support educating youth in Liberia.

3,049 people believe in YesLiberia’s mission. Do you?

Through this SportsUp program, we believe in empowering young people through meaningful service learning opportunities in education, healthcare, and technology. Join us by adding your voice so we can help make that possible for the youth in Liberia .

Interested in partnering or collaborating with us? Visit our partnership page to see how easily you can become a partner and assist in empowering the youth in Liberia. We believe even the smallest partnership or collaboration matters.

Become A Partner

Reach Us:

  • P.O. Box 1025 Carlisle, PA 17013
  • (302) 898-6889

We’re missing one thing… your effort..
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