Thank you so much for your support, your passion, and your tremendous level of patience. While we are still struggling to meet our financial/fundraising goals, your commitment to YesLiberia has literally kept me going. I want you to understand that, this organization will not exist without your leadership and support. The stories you tell me about the donors and supporters you meet are not only motivational, but also remind me of the importance of this work.

While driving home yesterday, reflecting on my “WHY YesLiberia” question, one story came to mind. As a kid in Liberia I remember walking to school several mornings in the rain, using plastic bags as my raincoat and my backpack to protect my notebooks from getting wet. I remember adults driving in their fancy cars, ignoring a 13yr old boy walking to school in the rain. I remember telling myself when I grew up I would buy a car and, when it rained, I would use that car to take random children to school.

I remember sitting in class soaking wet and uncomfortable in my wet shoes. I remember being punished by school administrators for putting my wet plastic bags next to the school entrance on a dirt floor. I remember thinking of quitting school. I had no hope in completing 3rd grade or 4th grade, knowing the likelihood of finishing high school was very slim. With that reality, I couldn’t even dream of college. The one thing that kept me in school was the fact that someone, somewhere in a different country, donated to the scholarship program that kept me in school. That small fact was enough to keep me going.

I have an education today, because someone like you invested in me when I most needed their help. They shared possibilities when all I had were impossibilities. I may never meet the donor(s) or volunteer(s) who helped paid my $150 to $400 school fees each year, but their support literally transformed my life. They gave me a story. They wrote a part of my history.

When you joined the board or our volunteer team, you probably heard me saying “we will be making history together.” I believe we too can give possibilities where impossibility abounds. We too can give others a story, shaping their stories with generosity. We can improve their lives through a program such as SportsUp, “No Liberia” campaign, or through our partnership with the #GivingTuesday program. Whatever strategy or program we implement, we will give hope to the individual students we serve and the communities they represent. I pray that you continue on this journey of sacrifice with me, as we take time out of our busy schedules to give of ourselves and overcome the challenges we face.

Thank you for the teaching moments you’ve provided me. Thank you for making me see things differently. Thank you for helping me think holistically. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes and helping me correct them. I love and appreciate each of you. As you celebrate the upcoming holiday seasons and reflect on the blessings you’ve received, please know that my life has been better because you were a part of my network. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I look forward to working with you and spending more time together as team.”

In solidarity,