It has been months since the Ebola outbreak first started in Guinea, now it has spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and elswhere. One reason for this epidemic being the worst in history is probably due to frequent traveling across borders as opposed to previous years; technology such as vehicles and airplanes have made it much easier for people to get around.

The health infrastructures in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are not that substandard by various measures.  The current situation in Liberia is awful. A few days ago, a brand new Ebola treatment center was ransacked in West Point. The patients escaped and now many fear that tens or hundreds of people will get sick because looters have been sleeping on the beds previously used Ebola patients. This type of contact increases the possibility for more new cases to be reported in the next few weeks.

They say that everything in life is a potential learning experience. Liberia could improve if it learns the lessons that this experience has shown thus far. So, one may ask, how can Liberia emerge from emerge from this Ebola crisis stronger than ever? The first is that education can make a huge difference in the loss of life during an epidemic. Liberia had 60 doctors before the epidemic and has lost many nurses. If more people can become educated and go to medical school then more doctors could be in the country to help people when they are sick.

I believe more funding needs to be invested in the country’s health infrastructure.  While individuals will continue to support at YESLiberia to help get Liberia back on the roads to recovery from Ebola, we also believe there are increased level of upcoming challenges the country she be mindful of– from basic check-ups, to specific services for women. This is one reason YesLiberia continues to enhance existing programs in preparation of post-Ebola era. Our Ultrasound for Her Program will begin as soon as the Ebola outbreak is over. If you want to read more about this Ultrasound for Her Program, please visit this link: Ultrasound for Her

Nothing is ever impossible until it is done. We at YESLiberia hope that people will continue to band together to end Ebola’s grip on the country and to come up with ways to help the country improve. We hope you can join us in our efforts against Ebola crisis.

Written by Tricia Wagga
Team Manager, YesLiberia, Inc.