We’ve all heard that parents are the most influential people in a child’s life.  With chagrinned resolution, parents admit their small children imitate flaws at the most inopportune times.  The opposite of that is also true.  Children love to mimic their parents at work and play; they want to come along and be part of everything Mom and Dad are doing.  That is why modeling volunteerism for kids is so effective.

When children see their parents spending time and money helping others, it instills the idea that people are valuable.  Children begin to form concepts that life consists of more than just having personal desires met.  When children are without question included in volunteer activities, they will assume similar values for themselves in a natural way.  As children grow up, volunteering with their parents can help them practice a variety of skills in a positive setting that affirms their contribution.

This sort of shadow volunteerism can encourage children to express personal desires to volunteer.  When parents in turn help their kids with projects, it shows support to their children’s interests and validates the child’s self-worth.  Making choices to volunteer, and having confidence that their parents will support them brings opportunities for a child to practice leadership skills.

Volunteering as a family unit can begin when children are very young and continue from then on.  There are innumerable ways families can serve together, including virtual and hands on projects.  YesLiberia has a unique method for donations using a crowd-rise approach.  Families can design their own fundraising page and then post it to supporters.  Making monetary contributions is the most obvious way to give to a charity; this method is easy for parents, exciting for children to participate in, and utilizes a popular online format that appeals to teenagers.

Another virtual project YesLiberia suggests is “Custom Sharing.” This simply means adding a few sentences whenever YesLiberia is shared on social media sites and inviting others to support the charity too.  Joining forces with friends helps donations grow larger, and is also a cost effective way for YesLiberia to advertise their programs, which is wise stewardship of resources.  This virtual project is a perfect fit for teens (and adults!) who love social media.

One final idea to share volunteering with children is to host an event.  Sometimes called a party with a purpose, a social event to bring awareness and financial support to YesLiberia is fun and meaningful.  The event could be a backyard barbeque with neighbors, a tea party for moms and daughters, or even a birthday party.  Guests should be told ahead of time what will be shared.  At the gathering, the neighbors could be invited to play games where the “losers” pay into a collection that goes to YesLiberia, or the ladies could be invited to join together to support a female student, or the birthday honoree could requests donations to YesLiberia in lieu of gifts.

Volunteering as a family to YesLiberia is a great way for parents to model Paul’s admonition in 2 Corinthians 9:7 for Christians to give cheerfully!