While traveling to a family event in a state she had never been to before, a young woman saw a large billboard advertising millions of dollars to be given away in the lottery.  Her mind wandered to how she would spend that much money if it was hers.  First, she would pay off her student loans …and then buy new cars for her family …and of course put some back for retirement …and she would give huge amounts of it away to charities!  She counted all the organizations she knew that would benefit from donations.  Lost in her daydreams of generosity, she missed her exit and ended up taking so much time trying to find the way back, she was late for her event.

That scenario is laughable because so many of us have imagined spending the lottery, or a long lost inheritance, or a buried treasure.  We are certain if we came into sudden wealth, we would share it.  We imagine how much good we would do by helping so many people if we were wealthy.  Unfortunately, people who don’t give when they lack, typically don’t give out of their abundance either.  Statistics show charitable contributions decrease as income increases.  Now is our best time to include giving.

Not making a plan for our money is like driving somewhere we’ve never been without a map.  It might be fun for a while, but if we need to get somewhere at a particular time, we turn on the GPS and pay attention; otherwise we could miss the exit and lose our way!  .

Budgeting is like GPS for finances.  It’s what keeps us on the road to success with scenic points of entertainment and generosity along the way.  Making an itinerary for those stops helps us know what we can afford to do. And the good news is, it doesn’t take winning the lottery to have enough to share.

Typically, adults use their debit cards throughout the week for all sorts of personal incidental purchases.  In the back of their mind, they know they will spend around a certain amount.  Even informally, that is a budget.  Knowing ahead of time that there will also be opportunities to share and having an amount in mind, allows a person to say, “Yes! YesLiberia!”  Budgeting for charity doesn’t have to be complicated or grandiose.

1%.  We can give one percent of what we have at any given time to almost anyone who asks.  One percent of the average salary in America is more than enough to pay the tuition for a high school student in Liberia for an entire year!  If we wait to give, these children will grow up without the possibility to dream and plan for their own futures.  If we give now, together we can change the destiny of a generation.  It’s easy to give to YesLiberia through the online donation system.  One time or automatic monthly contributions can be made in less time than it takes to refuel our cars at the gas station.

In addition to monetary contributions, YesLiberia has many volunteer positions that can be fulfilled without leaving home, by utilizing people’s skills to complete tasks.  The Bible talks about a church in Macedonia filled with poor people who gave money away to help people in need.  They wanted to be generous, and were excited to help; they begged for opportunities.  This passage in 2 Corinthians 8 is an example for us to not wait for abundant circumstances to start sharing.  Now is the time to say yes and donate to YesLiberia. Contact us to setup a fundraising campaign right away. It takes only 20mins.