When children have the opportunity to volunteer, they are introduced to worlds that vastly differ from the familiar one they live in.  Exposure to other children their age who don’t have the same sort of house, bed, toys, or school can open their eyes to blessings they may have previously taken for granted.  The same feelings of unfairness a child can express if they believe they’ve been slighted are equally felt in compassion towards others.  These experiences become lessons in appreciation for resources and parental care.  Volunteerism is a positive way for children to learn gratitude and respond with generosity.

When children have the opportunity to volunteer, they cross from theoretical values preached by earnest parents to practical demonstrations.  Parents say children should respect people; however, actually paying for a Liberian student’s school tuition is an example of respecting a person’s worthiness to be educated.  The child learns school costs money, which puts into perspective their own new crayons and paper. Parents want children to serve others and honor God; likewise donating time and resources to physically or virtually help a charity such as YesLiberia delivers the message of compassion for people, and praying for the supported students and the leadership of YesLiberia honors God’s ability to work His will.  The child receives the name and picture of a child of the same age, which brings purpose to bedtime prayers.

When teenagers have the opportunity to volunteer, they build their personal resumes while gaining experience in something they care about.  Having a cause to champion is essential to a child’s identity.  Volunteerism builds confidence to pursue causes that have meaning and can even lead to a specific career path.  Also, to be able to enter the adult world with a list of service projects is in keeping with the millennial’s desire to make a difference in the world.

Finally, when teens have the opportunity to volunteer, they may increase chances for college admission and scholarships, and acceptance for employment positions.  It’s common for college applications to include community service, but when a prospective student can document sincere involvement with a charity, it highlights the candidate as someone who engages initiative.  Volunteerism enables a person to practice skills and leadership roles, which in turn makes his or her experience level more marketable to employers.

YesLiberia is an organization that provides volunteer opportunities that grow with children.  A small child learning to overcome selfishness connects with another child in Liberia who desires to learn to read.  Over the years, they could become friends through letters and share cultural information.  Teenagers and young adults can turn entitlement attitudes into service and hard work through social media avenues, spreading the message and raising funds, or through physical or virtual service projects or internships.  Volunteerism is a win for everyone!  Why wouldn’t your child volunteer? Start now at YesLiberia.